Due Diligence and Fundraising Processes

Due diligence is a vital aspect of any fundraising endeavor. Due diligence validates a person’s or business’s identity and provides details about their past and connections and permits investors to review your business before deciding whether to invest in you.

You can achieve success by conducting thorough due diligence, whether you’re a company looking for investment or a charitable organization. Due diligence can be carried out at an early stage to identify and eliminate bad partners.

If a donor’s past has been marred by controversies in their actions or associations that have caused controversy, it could be a deal breaker. You can conduct due diligence early on in the process to determine whether a relationship is aligned with your organization’s mission and values.

A successful due diligence process is swift, thorough, and well-organized. It should be able take huge amounts of public information like news websites and social networks, or even grey literature, and deliver quality of earnings checklist digestible reports, which are easily shared across teams. It should be able automatically to scan through millions of documents to give an organized and clear view of your company that is simple to read and share.